The Third One, part one

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been looking for a new work position that is less stressful. Today I will have my first interview and hopefully I will be getting the job. The position I have applied for is to work as a Service Desk -specialist, which means I would get to do all the good parts of what I’m doing right now, but with some reduced responsibility.

The search for a new job has went well, I would think. In Finland, where I currently live, it’s not very usual to get an interview. I applied for maybe ten jobs, four of which were interested. I sent the requested extra information to them all. Out of these, two companies were really interested. In the first I would have gotten the job, but they later decided that they would outsource the role I would have taken, instead of hiring me as an employee (might have dodged a bullet there), but that they would be in contact as soon as anything opens up. I have a pretty good background in Service Desk and Onsite -services, and have been a manager for almost 10 years, so there isn’t much I can’t do. The other company, started me off with a video interview. After this they were very excited and immediately asked me to come over to do an interview and see if I’m a good fit for them.

Preparing for the interview I’ve been brushing up on remembering everything I’ve done during my work career, which would be relevant for the job, I’ve been going through every question that might come up, I’ve gone through their website to find information about the company and I’m finally starting to think that I might be ready for this. I’ve also gotten a letter of reference from my old manager, with some really good feedback, so I’m starting to feel hopeful. The people seem really nice, the company actually seems like a great place to work, and I think I really need a change of scenery. Hopefully it’s a good fit.

I will update you on how it goes!

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