The Third One, part two

Yesterday I had the interview for the Service Desk -job I applied to. I had the misfortune of being a few minutes late, due to me getting lost while walking from the bus station to the office building. The interview in itself went fairly well. The interviewers basically talked more than me, which I really hope is a good sign. They were trying to explain, as detailed as possible, what kind of work I would be doing and trying to find out if I was still interested after hearing their explanation. I was. The interview itself took about an hour and a half.

Things that went well were how impressed they were over my experience and how problemsolving is one of my greatest skills. We talked about that for a while and how I could help the team succeed and maybe bring something new to the table that the team doesn’t have at the moment.

Things that made me wonder if I was going to get the job was when they asked about my salary request (which seemed a bit higher than they expected), started explanining about how other applicants compared to me and how much longer it could take before an answer.

All in all I still take this as a learning experience and will eagerly await the answer, which should be coming in a week or two. If I get chosen I would start either at the end of November or the beginning of January (they have fixed starting dates for the whole year, which was something new to me).

Good luck to me!

  • Bob

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