The Fifth One, The last two weeks

As it turned out, I have been too tired to think about writing this blog, for the last two weeks. With the stress of not knowing if I’m getting the new job (yes, they’re still deciding, even though it is looking positive) and the tiredness of having to deal with my sickness, my sleeping disorder and just the plain boredom of having to sit at home for months at end, with nothing to do, due to the sick-leave being unpaid and having no money to do anything. As I’m writing this I have been on sick-leave for about three and a half months. Of these months I have been in the hospital for about two weeks.

As I think I mentioned earlier I was supposed to start treating my sleeping disorder a few months ago, when the doctors finally realized I had one, but apparently that’s not the way it’s going to be. I had a time scheduled for the sleep-clinic last Thursday, which was fine with me. After that they cancelled my appointment and moved it to last Friday, the only day this year, when I had already scheduled a trip abroad with my brother and wasn’t able to cancelled. I called the office of the clinic to get my time rescheduled. No one called back. I called again and again and no one called back. Finally, when it was my time, they called me and basically were annoyed that I wasn’t there. Despite me calling them numerous times during the last few weeks.

The nurse that is/will be responsible for treating my disorder weren’t that polite in the phone, even though I tried to be very flexible and polite. She was talking about starting my treatment in December (would mean a four month wait, in total) but decided that that wasn’t going to work. My treatment will now start sometime after January (five-month total wait or more) due to the fact that a test, which should have been done when my sleeping has improved, will be done before seeing her, which is the total opposite of what the doctor said when I met her two months ago. I know have a meeting scheduled with the doctor (which originally was scheduled in September, because I was to start treatment then and was meant to see how much I have improved) in a few days, and I will have to go there knowing that nothing has happened since I last saw her. I know it’s not my own fault, but somehow, I still think she will be disappointed in me in some way.

On a positive note, the trip I took with my brother was a success. We went to the Black Library Weekender in Nottingham in the UK and was able to see our favorite author, Dan Abnett! (as well as get to have a chat and take a picture with him). We were able to bring a load of books back home, attend lots of seminars and also visit Warhammer World, which we have dreamed about since being small kids. All in all, a really good trip, even if it was a bit expensive.

The job I applied for just let me know that they’ll be deciding this week and that they will let me know. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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